Quality travel services with 50 years of experience

Quality travel services with 50 years of experience

Aktina is an independent, dynamic and fresh company, offering personalized service and cost-saving solutions in the fast changing business travel landscape. 

By combining our experience with cutting-edge technology, we deliver unbeatable value for your corporate and event management needs: From handling all travel logistics to keeping track of your company’s travel expenses, we deliver confidence to every aspect of the traveller experience.

Aktina Travel Group Services

Aktina Travel Group



With our long-term experience and continuous investment in technology, we are able to provide comprehensive and quality travel services, responding fully to the increasing demands of the modern businessman.


Shipping and Energy

Aktina Travel Group is proud to service one of the pillars of the Greek economy, the Greek shipping industry.



Plan with us your ideal leisure trip. Our team of experts will plan the perfect escape!



Whatever you require during a trip, we are here to plan, organize and execute an itinerary that will meet your needs in the best possible way.